Protect your Moto!

Protect your Moto! I’ve just had an email from John Tubbrit. He asks a very simple question, and one that I haven’t really solved myself. For all you Motorola MPx200 users – happy with your polished black handset – what do you do to protect it ?

If you’re a “real worker” (i.e. not like me who sits at a desk all day!) then you may get it knocked about – however, here in the UK I haven’t seen much in the way of a cover for it. I’ve had a few people saying “pretty much any clamshell cover should do it”, which is fairly true. However, I wanted to find on that was being sold AS an MPx200 cover. After a bit of checking I found…

This cover from (see bottom)

Or this one at for a mere £2.80!!

And that’s all I’ve found so far! So, if you know of anywhere selling a case for a Motorola MPx200, give me a shout and I’ll plonk it in an article! 🙂