Starblaster – bloody fantastic mate!

Starblaster   bloody fantastic mate!

I’ve just been given this rather excellent game to review. This should be online later tomorrow. The delay is basically due to the fact that I’m addicted to it! ­čÖé Here’s the advert..

“It is the distant future, and Earth has finally been destroyed. The remnants of humanity have fled the expanding sun in a great fleet of starships and began their search for a new home.

Adrift in the vastness of space, the last children of the earth wandered for a century, until by chance, they discovered a new world, beyond a great asteroid field.

As the elite pilot of the scout squadron Praetoriate, your task is to fly ahead of the human fleet and clear a path to their new world. “

Well, basically it’s a wicked shoot-em-up, with extremely slick graphics, smooth gameplay and excellent sound effects! You can collect bonuses, which increase your power or weapons – and go up through the levels. This is an arcade feast!

Get some info or buy it here now.