Motorola Smartphone Selection

Motorola Smartphone Selection It looks like the MPx series will include several models – check out this article by Chinmei Sung for info.

Motorola is stepping up a gear in the MS Smartphone arena, and have commissioned several makers to build phones for their 2004 range.

Compal Communications will make the MPx100. Chi Mei Communication Systems (CMCS), the current supplier of the MPx200, will make the MPx220, featuring Bluetooth support and a built-in camera. (And if it’s anything like the build and style quality of the MPx200, along with the much better battery life, then we’re sorted!) Compal Electronics will handle production of the MPx300.

There’s no word yet on what these phones will look like, and Motorola are keeping quiet about the whole thing. Let’s hope that this is all true and reliable info, because Motorola have really lifted the MS Smartphone.

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