Orange go tunnelling

Orange go tunnelling Here in the UK, there aren’t many places where you CAN’T get a mobile signal. Pretty much everywhere is covered – you can even cross the channel on a ferry and still get a signal.

What about tunnels though ? Ahhh!!! You’ve had it… No network could do THAT… I mean.. who’d be man enough to try and beam calls down a long dark tunnel ?

Step forward Orange…

Yes, Orange have actually done this – and they want to do more of it! John Walko @ informs us that initial tests on East Coast rail line, show that full coverage “can be provided throughout the entire length of the tunnel using selected antennae close to the entrance”. This works even when the trains are flying along.

A normal every-day rail service was used, and tested with several phones and devices. This appears just one of many trials to come. Orange are playing their cards close to their chest at the moment, as no other network is doing it we believe. However, if these trials are successful then Orange hope to cover primary rail routes within the next two years. So no more, “I’ve got to go, there’s a tunnel up ahead”.

What next? The London Underground? 🙂

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