MPx220 on the way?

MPx220 on the way? Things are moving real quick recently. is now reporting that the much rumoured Motorola MPx220, which is due apparently February 2003, will support AT&T’s new high-speed EDGE data network.

The MPx220, an updated version of their MPx200 Smartphone, has also been rumoured to have Windows Mobile 2003 on-board, along with Bluetooth and a built-in digital camera. Let’s hope the Bluetooth battery life is better than the E200, which suffers heavily with a maximum of around 10 hours life with Bluetooth turned “on”.

Details on the MPx220 are sketchy at present, but as state here, this may explain why Motorola MPx200 is being given away free by the Orange and AT&T network. Let’s hope the MPx220 supports our creaky GPRS network here in Europe… I’m hoping so, because Motorolas’ MPx range look extremely solid, and a worthy hardware device for the Windows Mobile OS. It must be stressed though that these stories are rumours at present and we have no concrete evidence from MS or Motorola.