Busy week!

Busy week!

A bit of a busy week this week. With many competition entries to go through, lots of sh*t to do at work, plus stuff to sort out at home and many other bits this week has been a bit “full”. 🙂 Added to that I had to move the site over to a more powerful server, which I then broke – quite badly…. then reconstructed.. then broke again this morning.. then fixed and upgraded.. then finally we see a bit of a speed improvement ! Woo!

After coming home this week and taking a quick trip back in time (thanks to TV Channels like UK Gold / UKG2 and Bravo), checking out 80’s classics like the A-Team (“I love it when a plan comes together”) and Knight Rider (“Kitt, I’m gonna hit Turbo”).. I thought this image – robbed from b3ta.com would be good for a weekend! 🙂

I’m absolutely no-where-near ready for Christmas by the way.. Anyone got any gift ideas for my missus?

On another subject while I’m rambling…

40,000 MEMBERS!

Blimey blimey … (I’m trying not to say “f**k me, that’s a whole load of people!)…. Many thanks.. I am not worthy!!!!!!! 🙂

Oh – one other thing – if you’re EVER considering getting faster internet access or dedicated hosting then PLEASE DO click on the banner at the bottom of this screen, these guys give me help towards hosting and your nice new speedy internet connection from these guys means I can continue hosting this MONSTER of a site! 🙂 They do servers, leased lines, email / web hosting, domain-names, virus scanning and all that jazz too..