MobileBurn become MPx200 fans too!

MobileBurn become MPx200 fans too! MobileBurn have posted this very long and detailed review of the MPx200. Although they haven’t been totally converted, they have now become firm fans of the handset. In fact they go on to say….

“Up until this point I have not been a real fan of the MS Smartphone OS. Maybe I’m still not, as some things like the menu structures just seem alien to me. But I must admit that on the whole, I really like the MPx200. It feels good, solid. It looks good, even if it does get smudged up easily.

I have hopes that Motorola might make an upgrade to Smartphone 2003 available in the near future. That could really boost the MPx200’s score in my opinion. Either way, I feel that if you are soothed by the thought of a Microsoft OS running inside of your phone, the MPx200 is one of the better options in terms of a vehicle for said OS. I like the phone, plain and simple.”

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