IT WORKS! I’ll tell you a quick story. It’s a bit boring, but it’s worth telling you lot. Firstly, I had a bit of a problem with the server that runs We’ll say “a bit of a problem” and try and cover up the fact that had basically maxxed out the CPU on the server constantly for endless weeks. So I needed to move it – and quick.

This site is ber-loody massive (although us Brummies say, “bluudy mossive aye it mate?”).. and I had a few problems while moving it..

1) Firstly the MySQL database (the one that has all your data, the articles, news stories etc) died and I had to rebuild it.
2) Uploading the databases to the new server caused problems – as they’re over 100Mb and I couldn’t FTP them up.
3) I lost some pictures / files while copying stuff across and the home-page went a bit wrong.
4) I couldn’t get into the site to update it!! 🙁

This last problem has been causing me grief for 2 solid days now, and I’ve finally cracked it. So I’m back! Woo! 🙂