Motorola MPx200 – Come get some!

Motorola MPx200   Come get some! See?! You lot thought I was over-cooking it when I stated how good the MPx200 was in this review. Well, now it’s backed up once again – this time by David Ludlow from who states..

“Motorola has managed to up the ante on smartphone battery life and quotes five days of standby time and five hours of talk. This is in line with ordinary mobiles.”

This is very true – if you’re a regular two-colour mobile phone user then you’ll probably be afraid of switching to an MS Smartphone, but this Motorola goes on and on and on! David goes on to say…

“Value for money: Competitive with every-day mobiles but this does so much more.”

Again a very good point – on Orange you can pick this handset up at bargain-basement prices – LOOK! IT’S FREE! Even if you’re upgrading it’s cheap. If you’ve got the original SPV or even an E100 then YES – this IS worth upgrading, even though it’s got the same OS, it sooooo quick and sooo well done. I bloody love it I does! ­čÖé Don’t forget you can unlock this real easy with this little file!

Also today, whilst I was busy working my backside off at work, I note that more info regarding the MPx200 camera is creeping out.

What do I want next? I want Moto to plonk me a swivel cam into their next model, add bluetooth, then give it Windows Mobile 2003. Rock on Tommy!

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