E200 Weird bug

E200 Weird bug Could you guys try something for me if you have an E200 ? Now – I don’t have the full release of the OS, but could you try this…

Install any skin which displays whether you have an answerphone message. Usually nearly every skin out there (a skin is a custom homepage) will have something like this…

SMS Messages Received – 0
Emails Received – 0
Answer Phone Messages – 0

Now, we know that the amount of Answer Phone Messages can’t really be “counted” by the home screen, it simply shows a “1” if there’s 1 or more….. but not on my E200 it doesn’t…

No matter what homescreen I use (which displays this) – if I get one or more answer-phone messages then the homescreen happily displays this…

SMS Messages Received – 0
Emails Received – 0
Answer Phone Messages – 4294967295

Always the same number too… what’s going on ? Also, several plugins – most notably Richie M’s Alarm plugin – fail completely. Does this mean that homescreens / skins for Smartphone 2002 are not compatible ? Or do we have a permissions problem somewhere ?

Mail me if you have the same !

Update! – Costas Efthymiou has emailed in to say…..

“Hey mate,

Dunno what’s causing ur weird problem with the E200, but I can tell you (if u haven’t figured it out already) that the number u’re being given is 2^32 -1 (2 to the power of 32 minus 1). The SPV processor is 32-bit which means hat it can work with numbers from 0 to 4294967295 (surprise surprise) and hat’s the number u’re getting. The representation of -1 on any 32-bit rocessor is exactly that number that u’re being given…when using signed arithmetic, the numbers a 32-bit processor can handle become from -247483648 to +2147483647. So basically, ur E200 is trying to show you -1 but is giving u the number as is represented internally in the CPU. So I
guess all that’s happening is that instead of adding a 1 to the zero value when no voicemails are present, it’s subtracting it instead. It’s displaying the number ok, only it’s giving -1 instead of +1. Bug?”