Hello hello hello…… what’s this then ?

Hello hello hello...... whats this then ?

Hours and hours and hours of unpaid work on this site does have the odd fringe benefit. This is definitely one of them, for today a parcel arrived containing one of these little beauties…

Hello hello hello...... whats this then ? Hello hello hello...... whats this then ?

Yes, they are real – and they are coming, and yes.. they do indeed kick butt on a pretty large scale. I’ve only been playing with it for a couple of hours as I didn’t return home until 9pm, but this is what I’ve found so far…

– Bluetooth works great, picked up the Jabra Bluetooth headset no problems
– Very nippy. New joystick a definite improvement
– Video recording is still ever-so-slightly jerky, but a vast improvement…
Click here for a video example in daylight.
Click here for a video example in low-light (the camera is auto-sensing).

– Good Orange integration / Orange World etc, making it easy to grab backgrounds/games/sounds.
– New MSN Messenger which works well and includes some extra bits.
– Camera JPG resolution is really good (you can set it to “extra fine”) – see below for example..
– Alarm setting is STILL tucked away in “Date and Time” (even further down now).. grrrr!!!
– Sounds like this handset has improved audio – polyphonic all the way!

I’ll be putting a full review up very soon, so watch this space!