Deals, Dates and Deliveries

Deals, Dates and Deliveries I know you lot are champing at the bit, clammering for your MPx200 or your SPV e200. I have many emails asking, “When are they out?” Well, it’s tricky with dates – like I’m getting told that deliveries will be arriving Wednesday / Thursday and will be available this weekend, but they may not reach all the shops at exactly the same time. So not an exact science… In theory if you put your name down, then the Orange shop should call you back – after all, you want to buy one, so they’ll call you when they have one. However, we’re hoping that this weekend is the “big” release weekend at last, so take your husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend out shopping and hang around by the Orange shop (or any good independent retailer, such as the M-Viron shops etc)

It’s also worth considering the following deals, sent in by users for your perusal…

“Take a look at this ..


SPV e200 for £29.99, and if you take up onestopphoneshop’s offer of beating by a tenner it will be £19.99!”

“Check out…


free and with the onestopshoneshop it -£10 i think?”

“Apparently these guys will have them in on November 19th…

For more delivery updates, we’ll cross over to Paul from

“Initial deliveries of the MPx200 to stores are expected WEDNESDAY 19th November, with E200s hitting stores on FRIDAY 21st November.

The initial shipment of MPx200s includes only 2500 units between 255 stores, so reserving one at your local Orange store would seem a good idea, especially when you take into account the price point!

There are no details available as to expected E200 stock levels.

The MPx200 will be only £29.99 on plans below £25 per month, and FREE on all other plans (this also applies to upgrades)

The SPV E200 will be £199.99 on low value plans, £149.99 on medium plans, and £99.99 on plans over £50 per month.

As ever, this information is subject to change without notice (as frequently happens within Orange Retail!), but this is the latest situation – we will update you of any changes if we hear them!



SPV E200 is to be available in December on Pay as you Go for £279.99!”