ORA E200 Accessories

ORA E200 Accessories

ORA E200 Accessories



Ora – the UK’s Sole OEM Accessories Distributor for SPV, is set to launch the full range of accessories for the all new e200 over the next two weeks.


ORA was established in 1989, to supply mobile phone accessories via specialist retailers and distributors, to UK and European consumers. ORA has developed and expanded over the years, evolving a unique knowledge and expertise in providing accessories to the marketplace. ORA now provides a wide range of services to the industry as well as the high quality and extensive range of mobile phone accessories it is renowned for.


ORA has a strong partnership with manufacturing facilities in the Far East, allowing close monitoring of product development, tooling, specification, component sourcing and quality control, at each stage of manufacture.


The new e200 range includes the all new Sync Stations, Data Cables, Personal Handsfrees, Batteries, Cases and Pouches, as well as the addition of USB In Car Sync Cables and Indoor Signal Enhancers.


Ora have just initiated the 2003/4 Orange SPV Developer Program and have secured full CD-based copies of the SmartPhone SDK from Microsoft to create a complete package for those committed to developing both content and accessories for the platform. Ora envisage a superior program to last years building upon both previous exasperations and indeed the experience they have acquired over the past 14 years.


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