E200 Review by MoDaCo.com

E200 Review by MoDaCo.com Over at MoDaCo.com is this review by Paul (webmaster). He seems to like it too! Here’s a few quotes…

“The speed with which the menu appears also gives us a hint as to the greatly improved performance that both the new operating system (based on Windows CE 4.2 as opposed to 3.0) and the doubling of the RAM to 32MB achieves.”

“Video can be captured at 352×288 or 176×144 (both with sound), with a reduced frame rate at the higher resolution. I will post some sample videos shortly!

As with still images, recording can be either to Internal Memory or direct to SD – my partially used 256MB SD indicates there is 38:08 (minutes:seconds) available for recording. Also in common with still images, up to 3x zoom is available when running at the lower resolution.

Ambience functionality is also available for video.”

Yes indeed folks, this handset is going to be the Mac Daddy of the MS Smartphone world, and this review is well worth checking out!