MPx200 gets the CNET thumbs up

MPx200 gets the CNET thumbs up A very good, very high-quality video (especially if you pay a mere 19 quid a month for broadband) at CNET today, featuring Joni Blecher and Brian Cooley chatting about the Motorola MPx200, the first widespread release in the US of Microsoft’s Smartphone operating system.

In this US-based preview, Joni states at one point that “Europe have had this for quite a while, which is good news for us, as it’s been debugged by someone else”, then Brian says…. “the French had to deal with it first, now we get it all sorted out.”… Hmmm.. nice …. Nothing like a bit of country-bashing eh ? 🙂

Still, it’s given the definite thumbs up, and it’s worth seeing in action in this video if you’re thinking of buying one.

See the video by clicking here.