Orange GPRS changes

Orange GPRS changes Ohhhh .. well, I’ve had quite a few emails about this – and I had a letter about it myself yesterday. It seems that Orange are to change their GPRS packages. On the good side, (depending on package) you will now get 3MB for £4 each month, however on the bad side, there’s no roll-over of GPRS MB into the next month.

Plus, any additional 1Mb I use will be charged at £3 .. a bit steep! Here’s the full table with the new charges, so you can work out what you’re paying depending on what GPRS bundle you’ve taken out. Just remember to try and NOT go over your limit!


GPRS BundleNumber of megabytes (Mb)Cost per monthOut of bundle costs per Mb
GPRS 33£4£3
GPRS 77£8£2
GPRS 1515£14£1.50
GPRS 3030£28£1.18

Full details can be found here at

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