SmartCab 1.1

SmartCab 1.1 My French isn’t that brilliant. In fact, whilst studying French Language in school we had to act out a “real life” situation. We were supposed to revise for about a week, learning how to state that someone was ill, and describe their illness in detail to a doctor. When it came to the lesson, I stood at the front of the class with my mate, who lay on the floor looking suitably ill, and said, “il est mort”. Which – I think, means “he is dead”. The teacher (who was playing the part of the doctor) wasn’t too impressed, but I got away with it.. 🙂

The down side of not learning the French language is that it’s a struggle sometimes to understand brilliant Smartphone websites such as – today they’ve attacted my attention to a new version of SmartCAB, which copies and installs CAB files directly from your PC to your handset without messy copying and pasting, then running. Very useful.

More details and more software – here at