E200 Q&A

E200 Q&A Paul over at MoDaCo.com is hosting a live chat for those of you thinking of buying the E200. You can ask questions on what it can do, and how well it works – or pretty much whatever comes to mind!

Paul says…

“The brand spanking new Orange E200 Smartphone has landed at MoDaCo Smartphone, just ahead of it’s release date!

Sporting an integrated camera, updated OS, doubled memory capacity, bluetooth and a number of other improvements, it’s definitely hot property!

Is there something you’d like to know about the new handset?

On Monday evening, at 8pm GMT, I will be in chat, armed with my E200, and it will be YOUR opportunity to ask me anything you want (yes anything!) about the device, and have it answered there and then.

How do you access Chat? It’s easy, click on the ‘Chat’ link from http://smartphone.modaco.com, or even better, download mIRC (http://www.mirc.com), and join the #Smartphone channel on irc.xnet.org.”

You can also access this chat tonight (Monday 10th) by clicking “MoDaCo Chat” on the left of your screen. MoDaCo member Stu Lowe has also reviewed the SPV E200 here.