My Motorola MPx200 !

My Motorola MPx200 ! OK – I have a secret that I can’t hold in any more. I have a Motorola MPx200. I’ve had one since Friday now and I have to admit that I’m very, very, VERY impressed with this handset. This handset has not only got great looks and design, but the Smartphone 2002 Operating System has been tweaked in order to suit the Motorola. Best of all, it speeds along like no other Smartphone I’ve ever seen before.

This is responsive, reliable, stylish and compact. I love this handset, and it’s gonna be my new “must have”. Absolutely everyone I have shown this too has been bowled over by its looks and functionality. I have struggled to find anything to criticise with either the Operating System or the handset itself.

I’ve done a big write-up of this fantastic handset, you can check out the full review here.