Samsung i600 on Verizon

Samsung i600 on Verizon So many handsets are appearing right now with the MS Smartphone Operating System on, it’s getting difficult to keep track! 🙂 Here’s the Samsung SPH-i600 on Verizon.. it’s an … errm…. interesting design. I have to say that the keypad looks like the numeric keypad on my PC’s keyboard. White keys on a dark grey phone?

Anyway, my moans aside – the phone does have some plus points…

– A 200 MHz PXA250 Processor
– GPS position location

– SD/IO slot

For those of you who don’t know, Verizon is a big mobile network in the States, so having another MS Smartphone (to go along with AT&T’s Motorola MPx200) would be a big leap in such a short space of time.

There’s some hi-quality close-up pictures here at – however I don’t believe we’ll be seeing this clunky device here in Europe any time soon.

More info here at Verizon Wireless

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