Orange gets busy!

Orange gets busy! Orange is gearing up for a hectic November. With a massive worldwide advertising campaign, which begins here in the UK and France next week. Plus the launch of the SPV E200 and Motorola MPx200 handsets hopefully next week to co-incide with this, Orange will also be kicking off widespread TV and newspaper / magazine campaigns in Switzerland, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, The Netherlands and Thailand in 2004.

Orange are also launching Orange World, which is a new portal designed to help people personalise their phone. This will have several tools to help you get more from your phone. To quote Orange…

“The content and services are all available through the Orange World icon which, from next week will be accessible on all WAP and GPRS handsets – not just new phones – in the UK and France, with Switzerland and other Group countries intending to launch in Q1 next year. This personalisation initiative is being rolled out across the Group following the success of Orange UK’s Your Page which, in just six months, has seen over half-a-million customers personalise their content on their Orange phone.”

There will also be simpler Orange World Bundles too, which should make choosing the right billing package easier.

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