MPx200 Bargains in USA!

MPx200 Bargains in USA! Thanks in part to the fact that there just isn’t the same level of penetration in the USA yet, mobile phones are cheap and there’s a heap of options for new subscribers.

Microsoft mogul Neil Enns, the Smartphone Scientist, noted this magificent offer for the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone in the back of CompUSA. It looks like you get a free Jabra bluetooth headset too (see our review of the Jabra bluetooth headset, which will work brilliantly WITHOUT the “base unit” mentioned here on the e200).

Neil goes on to say…

“They’re offering the MPX200 for $299 with a $50 Trade-In Rebate and a $50 AT&T Mail-In Rebate. Total price: $199.

In addition, you get:

Free Bluetooth wireless headset & adapter instantly with the purchase and required new in-store activation of the Motorola MPX200 Smartphone.

Free 64MB SD card pre-loaded with great music including the Wallflowers instantly

Free Microsoft Word & Excel Viewer via mail

Free in-home set-up: we’ll come to you and synchronize your Smartphone with your desktop or notebook computer! Plus we’ll set up your Smartphone to receive your existing e-mail and even show you how to access all of your Outlook information.

Note that there are random terms and conditions for the above, so check with a store or the flyer for all the details.”

Cool! 🙂