Whoops... As you may have seen, coolsmartphone.com vanished last night. This was due to various boring reasons that I won’t go into, but I want to thank everyone who’s sent donations and offered hosting / help etc. On a personal note, I’m moving into our first home with my missus very soon and finances are a little “stretched” right now, so your emails, support and assistance are genuinely giving me a boost and it’s really appreciated.

All donations have now been passed onto the ISP and we’re now alive and kicking again thanks to you lot! Wehay! Give yourself a big pat on the back.. thanks once again. I especially want to thank Rudolf Kunzli, Grenfell Williams and Simon Desser.

Talking about disruption – I’ve added a Poll about the loss of the MSN Messenger service (you may have noticed that you can’t currently use MSN Messenger on your Smartphone with certain networks). It’s important that you participate in this, as the results will be looked carefully by some quite important people. 🙂

Vote by clicking the “Home” button or click here and you should see the poll on the left pane here. You can then keep track on the voting by clicking here.