Calendar bit added

Calendar bit added You may have noticed a new addition on the left-side of the site today. This is a calendar, where you can add events and important dates. I’ve stuck a couple in to get it started – like the birthday of this site on November 1st 2003. Hurra! We are 1 ! 🙂

To add your own events and stuff, log in (you have to log in so I can monitor it) and then events will be displayed as they get close to the date. You can see all the events by week or month by logging in and then clicking on “Calendar” to your left.

I’m planning to use this when software / handsets / stuff is released or announced and a date is given. For example “Bob Software will release this excellent new game on November 16th” .. now you can keep an eye on it! 🙂 All good..

Log in then click on the “Calendar” link on the left, or check the upcoming events under the clock on the left. Log in to add your events or birthdays. Click here to add your own stuff