Review of the MPx200

Review of the MPx200 A very detailed review of the Windows Mobile Motorola MPx200 handset can be found here at Pocket PC Minds. This review is based on the AT&T Wireless model, which is exactly the same – but reading between the lines, it appears that this one may be out in shops December 2003.

This is a great review and an easy read, I especially like the quote..

“Overall I found the device well manufactured in most areas. However, my wife held it for 5 minutes and managed to break off the flap that covers the headset plug. When I looked at it I think she just did not know how to open it and snapped it off. I would not characterize the two covers; one for the ear piece and the other for the SD/MMC memory card as flimsy at all. But never the less she broke it off.”

…women eh? 🙂 Although the reviewer (Corey McLaughlin) does eat humble pie later on…

“As a man I don’t track birthdays or anniversaries, but once my wife enters the information into her device I am able to sync all the information from her contact list to mine and there you go. I look like a great guy for remembering our friends or families birthday’s or anniversaries.”

Hehhehe.. 🙂 But wait.. Voice Dialling – it works ! Huraaaa!!!

“One of the other features of the Contacts that my wife really likes is the voice activated calling. She is able to push the button and say “Corey’s Mobile” and it will dial my cell phone. I for one have really never used voice dialing that much but she swears by it.”

At last we have voice activated dialing on a Windows Mobile – this was never implemented on the HTC (SPV / E100) handsets.. a great loss.

here at Pocket PC Minds