Samsung SCH-i600 hits USA

Samsung SCH i600 hits USA The USA is about to get not one, but two Windows powered Smartphones. Whilst AT&T are about to start selling the fantastic Motorola MPx200, Verizon Wireless are launching the Samsung SCH-i600 smartphone. Here’s a picture of the Samsung SCH-i600 in the latest Verizon Wireless brochure. Whilst we’re not exactly blown away with the design, it does sound like one very reliable handset.

The bad news? Well, it’s not a GSM hanset.. what’s that mean? Well, here in Europe our mobiles run on the GSM network, whereas in the USA (although GSM is used too), CDMA is more popular. The Samsung phone here will only run on CDMA 1900Mhz and CDMA 800 MHz… and it looks like there’s no plans for this to change.

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Samsung SCH i600 hits USA