The Mio – Is it a Hairbrush?

The Mio   Is it a Hairbrush? Whilst watching the usual evening TV here in the UK an advert popped on the screen that caught my eye. It was selling the latest crappy compilation CD, based on the fact that all the songs were ones you could sing along to. In fact, songs you’ve probably used a hairbrush to sing into whilst dancing around the house…. hence the title of the CD – “Hairbrush Divas”

Here it is at and here at or over here at Virgin Megastores .. but wait… notice that cover image? Haven’t we seen that somewhere before? Hmmm.. What’s going on? Well, take a look at the cover of the CD…

The Mio   Is it a Hairbrush?

Normal huh ? Catchy looking image… Why? Well, several months ago a certain company called MiTAC launched a new handset called the Mio 8380. In their promotional material was this image… look familiar to you ??? Yup – look over here too – it’s on the front of the MiTAC Mio box aswell!

The Mio   Is it a Hairbrush?

I’m not going to start shouting “Copyright Infringement” or anything, ‘cus it could just be a stock image from the Internet somewhere that MiTAC and the CD people have both picked up… but it is very interesting..

Is the MiTAC Mio 8380 MS Smartphone really a hairbrush ? Or is the hairbrush a MiTAC Mio? Who knows… 🙂