IA Caller ID Free Upgrade

IA Caller ID Free Upgrade

Hello from IA Style,

We are proud to announce the release of IA Caller ID version 1.1. IA Caller ID is a Smartphone solution for assigning pictures to entries in Contacts. With IA Caller ID, Smartphone users can connect a still or animated picture with contact information – so you will know instantly who is calling, or whom you want to contact.

The upgrade to IA Caller ID version 1.1 is free if you previously purchased the retail version from our website. Click here for instructions to download and install the new version.


  • Faster start-up: Improved processing means contact images are displayed faster regardless of whether pictures are stored in Pocket Contacts or in a phone’s SIM Card.
  • Editing Contacts is easier: Now when changes are made in Pocket Contacts, the new information is automatically synchronized with IA Caller ID. There is no need to manually refresh. (The Refresh command has been removed.)
  • Simpler sorting: When using your Smartphone’s alphanumeric keys to filter and select Contacts, just press the asterisk key (*), or IA Caller ID!|s new Reset Filter command, to return to the full list of contact entries in one fast step. You no longer have to repeatedly press the “Back” button to return to the original main view.
  • Assigning images is even easier: New Change Folder command makes it easy to search a different folder when assigning a photo in IA Caller ID. Include Subfolder command lets you specify whether or not to search subfolders inside a selected parent folder.


If you have a Smartphone, but you still do not have IA Caller ID, you can download a free 15-day trial version, or purchase direct from our website for only $14.95.


IA Style was recently named “Developer of the Year” by Handango for our Smartphone applications. One of our products, IA SIM Manager, received a Handango Champion Award for “Best Productivity Application.”

IA SIM Manager is part of our popular IA Utility Pack. You can download a 15-day trial version or buy the full Utility Pack for $19.95 and find out why we were named an Editor’s Choice by PPCW

Enjoy the software,

IA Style