Trying to look good..

Trying to look good.. Every morning I come to work in a bit of a haze and try to look important by reading some IT newspaper or other. I sit around, reading these papers, verging on the “lazy”, but also looking as if I’m doing my job at the same time. People don’t know whether to complain because I’m reading it, or reward me for brushing up on the latest in the IT industry.. :)

Today, on the front page of IT Week is news about the SPV E200, and a shipping date of “November”. There’s some more details inside the mag on page 29, where the Sierra Voq is given an airing too.

I also had this link sent to me, which lists new english phrases that have been spotted on the web. In second place at the moment is “Flash Mob” – this, according to WordSpy, means “A large group of people who gather in a usually predetermined location, perform some brief action, and then quickly disperse.” … which is arse really – a Flash Mob is a cool looking phone, like an MS Smartphone. So nerrr…

Errrmm.. I think I need to get myself more sleep…

Source and more info – This ITWEEK article

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