SPV E200 – Pauls’ first impressions…

SPV E200   Pauls first impressions... As I’m stuck here in merry ‘ole England, my good mate Paul from the ever-massive MoDaCo.com is in Seattle and has been lucky enough to catch a climpse of the SPV E200. You can read his comments here at MoDaCo.com, but here’s a summary…

“It’s noticeably faster, probably due to the additional RAM (32MB)”

“The camera is 640 x 480 still, but the picture taking application is excellent, with the update being very fluid. The phone includes a ‘Camcorder’ application which records at QVGA. The new joystick is a definite improvement on the old one.”

“It does have WMP9 codecs, and WMA ringtones too.” (WEHAY!!!)

I haven’t seen the egg timer at all……the best bit… MS have provided a native MMS client in Smartphone 2003! This means no more EZOS client, and the MS client is a vast improvement.”

“Activesync over Bluetooth is supported in the base OS, so that will work, but the Headset profile needs to be implemented by the OEM – I think it’s safe to assume that HTC have implemented this, although I haven’t personally tested it.”

Full Credit and more details – MoDaCo.com

Update –
Dale Coffing from PocketPCPassion got these snaps of the very SPV E200 that Paul played with.

ITU Update :
The new SPV is to be showcased at the ITU Telecoms Congress in Switzerland. You never know – even Bill Gates himself may hold one aloft during his speach ?! Both Orange will be there at this stand – as will Microsoft at this stand, just around the corner.