LG – Pocket PC Phone

LG   Pocket PC Phone Yahoo.com reports here about the new LG MS Smartphone. Ah – but it’s not.. It’s a Pocket PC Phone. And it looks as if the lines between “Pocket PC, Phone Edition” and “Smartphone” are blurring heavily with this handset.

The handset also offers camcorder-like features. This apparently allows up to an HOURS worth of recording ! You can get a sneak peak at the “Pocket PC Phone” by clicking here. This could be some weird hybrid with Pocket PC OS on it, which may not be a good thing.

This news is a few days old now, but I was a bit busy watching the new Peter Kay Phoenix Nights 2 DVD and pre-ordering the new DVD here. 🙂

Read more on the new LG MS Smartphone here (yahoo.com).