Mystery Revealed!

Mystery Revealed! The mystery Smartphone has apparently been revealed today by and

However, in a bit of a twist, it appears that are saying that have revealed the company – when in fact it was, in a comment made further down this page at that actually announced it. An amazing case of “he did it” in either direction? Either way.. there it is. 🙂 Although I have also received similar information from a few reliable sources, all of which point to the same manufacturer, I couldn’t announce the company until October 8th. However, as it’s now “out on the net” we can confirm that the mystery handset manufacturer is …

Whoooo ? (I hear tumble-weed blowing across the land). Yes, you may well ask. Check out their website for more. I know everyone was expecting someone like Sendo, Sagem, or Sharp etc.. but there you go. Although we believe that there was an element of “hype” here, it’s another manufacturer, which is good news. A phone with full QWERT keyboard is to appear soon.. will it rival the Treo ? Let’s wait and see….

Read the original MSMobile story about it (shown in the picture on the right) here.