GPRS Streaming Dance

GPRS Streaming Dance

The excellent has always been a bookmark of mine – it’s got excellent dance feeds, including Deep House, Hard House, Mixes and Live Feeds. The quality of the music, plus the reliability of the servers, is fantastic.

However, browsing to has always been a bit of a pain on the Smartphone…….. until now. has trimmed down the website so that it’s accessible to Smartphone users – plus if you browse to it, choose a nice 20k like this…

..then you can listen to your favourite choons on your Smartphone – with VERY little break-up or buffering. I have added this to the Smartphone version of – which can be found here.

Remember to add to your favourites list on your Smartphone – when you browse here it will aitomatically detect you as a Smartphone user and direct you to the Smartphone version of the site, where you can find the website.

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