Secret new Smartphone coming soon!

Secret new Smartphone coming soon! In just a few days Microsoft will announce ANOTHER Smartphone manufacturer. Apparently “a company with considerable experience of the wireless space,” will begin to offer MS Smartphone handsets. PR Company AxiCom stirs up even more interest by saying, “We can’t reveal the company because of non-disclosure agreements, but I can say that it will be a global launch and that the manufacturer has a range of Smartphones on the way”.

This company, plus their secret device, will be announced on Wednesday. has the full story.. Now this IS interesting. Who is it ? What manufacturer ? Well, I bet you’re all wondering what I know about this device.. well, the worst thing about running this site is that if I knew, I couldn’t tell you lot… because it’s all hush-hush. I’ve seen lots of speculation (see this round-up) but in reality there isn’t much concrete information at the moment. It’ll be announced soon, which isn’t too far away.

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