Motorola i930 – The next Motorola MS Smartphone?

Motorola i930   The next Motorola MS Smartphone? I’ve being hearing rumours of a mysterious “other” Motorola Smartphone on the horizon for a bit now, but now has published this picture (right) of the Motorola i930 Smartphone, which will run Microsofts’ Windows Mobile software. This appears to be some sort of artists impression, it looks fantastic – apart from the hideously large antennae!! Motorola are apparently planning to release this phone around the end of next year. reports that the i930 will have a built-in digital camera with a flash(!), a large 65,000 colour display, an SDIO expansion card slot, and run on both the iDen and GSM cellular networks.

Hopefully, this is just one of many MS Motorola devices coming to a store near you soon!!!

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