MagicSync Lite

MagicSync Lite


MagicSync Lite MagicSync Lite 1.06
Developer: AIM Productions N.V. Support
Categories: Utilities – Synchronization, Business – Synchronization, Database – Other
Price: $9.99
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Last Updated: 1-Oct 2003
Requirements: PC with any SmartPhone/Pocket PCconnected

MagicSync Lite 
MagicSync Lite

Syncing content to your Windows Mobile Device has never been easier and cheaper! Automatically sync ANY type of content (spreadsheets, documents, pictures, music, sound, webpages,…)in ANY format (html,doc,xls,pdf,jpg,zip,wav,mp3,wmv,….) from ANY internet server to ANY Windows Mobile Device!

MagicSync Lite is a fully-automised solution for syncing content of any nature to your SmartPhone/Pocket PC on a regular base. Once installed on your desktop PC (no installation on SmartPhone/Pocket PC necessary), MagicSync will pop up each time you put your Windows Mobile Device in its cradle and will fully automatically check a predefined webserver for a file list. Any new or updated files will be downloaded straight to a custom directory on your SmartPhone/Pocket PC. Everything happens automatically and completely transparant, even behind firewalls and through proxies. After sychronisation, the updated content sits on your SmartPhone/Pocket PC, ready to go with you wherever you go.

Just some of the uses for this software:

  • sync your favourite webpages daily
  • sync your company’s directory, priceslist,stocklist,or any other corporate info and make sure you always have the latest information with you on the road
  • sync financial information, stocks-& currency exchange rates,…..
  • sync photos, music, video,.. wathever you can think of

MagicSync is available in 2 versions:

MagicSync LITE is your lowcost personal syncing solution use. It allows you to sync unlimited number of files to any location on your SmartPhone/Pocket PC.

MagicSync PRO is the professional version for content owners to create custom syncing solutions for their clients, staff, friends,… You can specify the content (unlimited number of files/folders), add your logo and text, add a link to your URL,… and the MagicSync Pro Client Wizard will fully automatically create an executable to distribute to endusers. All they have to do is run the executable and next time they dock their SmartPhone/Pocket PC, the content of your choice will automatically be synced from your website to their Windows Mobile Device. At any time you can decide to add new information to sync, discontinue syncronisation of files that have become obsolete, or even change the location of the files without changing anything to the client configuration.

There’s no need to go through expensive online file syncing services which charge monthly or annual fees. You can do it all yourself. All you need is MagicSync Pro and some space on the Internet to put your files. The software comes with a crystal clear manual which will enable you to set up your custom solution within 20 minutes!

You only pay ONCE for the software and the client licences and you have your own internet information distribution system FOREVER!

If you’re looking for the most flexible and most cost-effective solution to sync any kind of information or data straight from the Internet to your SmartPhone/Pocket PC, don’t look any further!

MagicSync Lite Demo is a FREE 30 day trial version. It has a limit of 10 files in a single webdirectory and does not allow you to choose the destination path on your SmartPhone/Pocket PC (synced files will be put in “My Documents” in main memory by default).

Check out the dedicated website for in-depth information about this application

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