E200 getting nearer…

E200 getting nearer... The bluetooth-enabled SPV E200 (yes, you heard it right – E200.. it appears the previous C200 name was a mis-print) is within smelling distance now. A preview shows the specs and a picture of the final Orange design (right). It appears to have the letters “E200” under the power LED. There’s some more details here from an earlier story …. Considering the fact that HTC (the manufacturer), released the original SPV just one year ago, this little beauty is a slender, curvier looking phone with a lot more features. It should sell really well, and I for one can’t wait! 🙂

They also have a run-down of the Motorola MPx200 – interestingly, you can get up to £100 back for you old phone too.

Thanks to Ben for spotting this.

More info – Motorola MPx200

We still don’t have a confirmed release date for this handset from Orange, but at the time of typing, it is expected to be sometime in October.