Pics: MiTAC at Computex

Pics: MiTAC at Computex Phew ! I’ve just got back from a flight to Taipei to see MiTAC at Computex. I took all these pictures, grabbed myself stacks of handsets to give away and got all the latest gossip while I was there… see the things I do for you guys ??? … Nah, I’m joking really – but hey, it’s filled a few lines… I don’t have the money for that kind of thing! :)

Anyhow… Here’s the MiTAC stand at Computex – your can see the MiTAC Mio 8380 and the 8390 (which is the SECOND handset to have the 2003 software – not the first as widely reported elsewhere).. Plus you can see the other devices that MiTAC do.

The first pic shows the much-anticipated Mio 8390…

For more info on the show – click here to visit the Computex website.

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