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IDentify – Look who’s Calling YOU!

Are you tired of the standard incoming view?
IDentify is a Smartphone application for visualising your incoming phone calls.
Assign pictures to your contacts (Phone contacts and your SIM contacts) through a wizard. If required, you can even add a particular ring tone to each contact. IDentify comes with several templates. You can choose which one to display when a phone comes in. Nothing special so far, but…. Who can make the best template for your phone? not we, you can…. it’s all in plain HTML!

Did you ever make your own homepage? It’s about time you start tweaking your SPV and creating your own incoming call view. You can design your own templates, text, backgrounds, colors, size, etc….
the limitations ?… your imagination


  • assign/unassing pictures
  • assign ringtones to your contacts

  • autostart when your spv is turned on
  • use your own pictures
  • create multiple html templates

Template features:

  • include contacts name,
  • include phone type
  • include phonenumber
  • include picture

Take a look at what you can do with IDENTIFY !






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