PocketPCPassion goes off

PocketPCPassion goes off OOopps.. The excellent pocketpcpassion.com appears to be having a few problems. Fellow MVP Dale, who runs the very popular Pocket PC fan site has fallen prey to the “dodgey ISP” brigade. His domain name ran out last Friday, and they failed to renew it – even though he had a bill for it and paid them weeks ago. Several phone calls and a long wait until start-of-business today (Monday) doesn’t seem to have changed matters either.

If you know anyone who’s having hosting difficulties – have a chat with the guys at the bottom of this page (Internet Central) – they host this site – and even though a large part of the area was without power for several hours last week – coolsmartphone.com remained on-line thanks to generator backup.

Dale – here’s hoping you can get it sorted soon!