Mio Launched in Malaysia

Mio Launched in Malaysia

Mio Launched in Malaysia
Mio Launched in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, September 9, 2003 – Today, we usher a new era in telecommunications and information technology with the introduction of the Mio 8380. This mobile device is a milestone in the industry as it is the first, Microsoft based, Intel powered mobile device to be available in Malaysia, names long synonymous with the IT industry, making a leap into the mobile handset industry.


The event today is dubbed ‘The Firsts’, because it is a genuine collaboration between frontrunners and innovators within Malaysian IT and Telecommunications industry. For one, we have Multilink Mobile, one of the leading mobile phone distributors and IT/telecommunications companies in Malaysia. We have Microsoft, a name that requires no introduction in the computer software arena providing the OS for the phone. There is Intel, the leader in the computer hardware industry providing processing capabilities.


Maxis Communications Berhad (“Maxis”), the country’s premier telecommunications company, is pleased to support Multilink Mobile and Nanyang Online in today’s launch which gives enterprise customers wider device options to access mobile enterprise solutions. Both Multilink Mobile and Nanyang Online are Maxis’ partners under Maxis’ Mobile Enterprise Solutions Partnership Programme.


On the promotional and business development side, we have formed strategic partnerships with Nanyang Online, the new economy arm of Nanyang Press Holdings, to utilize their media leverage to open more markets for us and Starbucks Coffee, a promotional tie up to give our advertising campaign that added push. To cap it off, the Mio 8380, is also a first of its kind.


Unique features of the Mio 8380 include full processing and OS capabilities thanks to the partnerships with Microsoft and Intel. It also doubles up as a camera, complete with software that allows users to perform picture manipulation. It also has cutting edge game software, audio and visual software, which allows users to listen to songs as well as to view video clips through the phone. Besides that, the OS also comes with full email and short messaging capabilities through Outlook and MSN Messenger. To top it off, the MIO 8380 is manufactured at a very compact size, easily stored in your pocket.


The product, introduced by Multilink Mobile (M) Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Nanyang Online Sdn Bhd and Maxis, the Mio 8380 will provide a compact and stable platform for the delivery of business applications in Malaysia.



Mio Launched in Malaysia


Multilink Mobile Sdn Bhd Managing Director


 The technology has changed the conventional way of communication sophisticated devices is getting more important in the context of life style as well as in business.”



MiTAC’s Mobile Communication Business Unit General Manager Samuel Wang


“The Mio 8380 was designed from the ground up to incorporate 3C technologies — consumer electronics, computing, and communications—in order to accommodate emerging trends. By combining these capabilities, the Mio 8380 can not only provide traditional voice calls, but also multimedia, entertainment, and data exchange features. Moreover, with the Mio 8380 MiTAC has integrated Internet access and the ability take advantage of the virtually unlimited resources of a stand-alone PC—as well as content and services made possible by MiTAC’s cross-industry alliances. The result is a product that can offer users the many benefits of what we call M-Life and M-Commerce — delivering incredible value for our customers.”



Nanyang Online Sdn Bhd’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Cheong Chia Chieh


“This endeavor is the first of its kind where a media partner is collaborating with Manufacturer, Distributor and Network Service Providers at a level that is beyond just advertising. With its role as a Market Maker, Nanyang Online will work with Multilink, Mitac, and Service Providers to drive the adoption of this device in Malaysia by Consumers and Businesses alike. We will achieve this through the use of our considerable media, promotional and marketing experiences and resources an our disposal”