Get the MPx200 next month

Get the MPx200 next month Sebset has just spotted the Motorola MPx200 on the CarPhoneWarehouse website.

CarPhoneWarehouse is the largest independent retailer of mobile phones in Europe (also called ‘The PhoneHouse’ in rest of E.U). Sebset says…

That’s real proof that this Motorola smartphone will be sold for
everybody. Not – only – for Orange customers. Great news 😉

Click here to see the Motorola at the CarPhoneWarehouse website.

We’re not sure whether the Motorola will be on other networks here in the UK. However, it’s good to see that it’s being plugged on such a big shop, plus the fact that it has an expected date which is close enough to smell. I must admit that the Samsung P400 below looks quite funky too, with a rotatable screen like a Tablet PC – although this isn’t an MS Smartphone of course.