£1.7bn Text Bill

£1.7bn Text Bill As the mobile industry grows, so does the “seedier” side. Flirt, Date and chat-text services are growing daily, but this cannot be blamed totally for amazing £1.7BILLION a year which is now spent on text messages. This is a massive increase from £100million just four years ago.

Interactive services, huge “text to screen” services running on the many hundreds of TV stations on Sky Digital plus joke, sports results, news feeds and more are now creating massive phone bills for users. It is estimated that it costs networks’ around a penny to transmit each text message, yet charges for text messages are now around 10p each.

It is also emerging, from a report published in the US, that radiation from mobiles could make people senile in their thirties! The study says that phone addicts could literally “drown in a sea of microwaves”.

More info and source – thesun.co.uk