Motorola MPx200   THE MICROSOFT SMARTPHONE COMES TO AMERICA! Today marks the release of the Motorola MPx200 following announcements from Orange, Microsoft and Motorola. The most noticeable, however, was this one, – which says..

“The Motorola MPx200 will be available next month from Orange in Europe, AT&T Wireless in the United States, and other distributors throughout Europe and Hong Kong.”

What did you say? AT&T Wireless in the USA??? Next month!? BLIMEY! Yes, you heard it folks –

The MS Smartphone is coming to America at LAST!!!!

Orange are, as usual, ahead of the game in Europe – they were the first network to carry an MS Smartphone and are adding this one to their Signature Handset Range. Richard Brennan, Exec VP for Products and Marketing at Orange, said…

“The launch of the MPx200 builds on our previous work with Microsoft as well as the alliance with Motorola that we announced in June. Our previous work on products using the Windows Mobile software has given us a head start in the development of future advanced phones of this kind.”

Motorola Specs…
– Size – 48 x 89 x 27mm
– Batt – 240-270 min talk / 95-112 hours standby
– Display – Vivid colour / External CLI display
– Connectivity – Mini USB for accessories / SD slot
– Features…
ActiveSync with your PC
Windows Media Player
MMS / MSN Messenger
Utility Pack with file manager (woo hoo!), task manager (woo hoo!), space maker (woo hoo!) and system information.
32Mb ROM, 32Mb RAM
Mini USB connection, IrDA port, SD / MMC Slot
Clamshell design with chrome accents
Smart Dial for easy dialing
Camera (may not be included yet) – See it here!

From all the press announcements today it seems that Motorola and Microsoft are at the beginning of a very exciting journey, one which will take the Microsoft SmartPhone to totally new levels. Expect to see more and more Motorola Smartphones – with more and more features as time goes on.

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The long road ahead –

Keep it locked – I have a feeling that this week is going to be a very exciting one for the MS Smartphone! We’re not 100% sure whether this device will have Smartphone 2002 or 2003 – some screen-shots on the Microsoft website have the 2003 OS, but we’ve been told 2002. However, the OS version has been omitted from pretty much every announcement today – so they’ll probably be working on releasing with 2003, but with 2002 as a current OS. (P.S. – Notice the similarity between this Motorola handset and the NEC 606 on Three?)

See more of this phone, plus the plug-in camera and screen shots by clicking “More here” below…

So, today Microsoft and Motorola have announced an alliance to build and deliver a series of Windows Mobile-based converged devices, the first of which will be a Windows Mobile-based Smartphone, the Motorola MPx200. It includes this funky SD-camera..

AT&T Wireless will announce plans to deliver the MPx200 to US customers, with expected availability in the 4th quarter of this year.

In other markets: The Motorola MPx200 will be available next month from Orange in Europe.  Additionally distributors throughout Hong Kong and Europe, including debitel (Germany’s 3rd largest operator), Optimus (Portugal), MTM (South Africa) and via retails distribution in Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, Russia and Asia will deliver the phone soon.

By combining Microsoft’s software expertise with the second largest handset manufacturer in the world, customers world-wide will benefit from a broader choice of Windows Mobile devices from a innovative handset manufacturer they trust. The Motorola MPx200 is only the first in a series of Windows Mobile devices that will connect them to people and information anytime, anywhere-all within an experience that is familiar to Windows users around the world.  Likewise, the news opens the doors to new revenue opportunities and a larger addressable market for mobile operators and developers who can now extend the Windows Mobile experience and compelling applications and data services to new customers.

You can see on the pictures above (from that the phone has a flap on the SD card to keep dust etc out, the jog dial, the navigation pad, the new mini-USB connector and the wrist-strap hole. You can also see just how polished the back of it is! :)

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