Hold the front page…

Hold the front page... Yet more bits of info popping out on the net. The latest juicy titbit involves the SPV2… wait – scrub that.. It’s going to be called the “Orange SPV E200”! This makes sense when you think about it, as the E200 is actually the third SPV.. so it should be called the SPV3?! Although Orange now appear to have named it the E200, we personally prefer the “Orange CoolSmartPhone.com” – so if they could arrange that, it’d be great. 😉

Launch of the E200 is now expected October – which means that the Motorola MPx200 on Orange will be coming out at the same time. Hmm.. decisions, decisions – which one to get ? Well, we’re hearing some interesting news – the E200 will come with Windows Mobile 2003 – not Smartphone 2002. The Motorola on 2002, the E200 on 2003 ? Confused? You should be.. we’re presuming that this is due to hardware drivers being more ready for the HTC device (the E200) on the 2003 OS – but hey, we’re guessing a bit.

The E200 will be very similar to the E100, except fot the integrated camera, bluetooth and (of course) the 2003 Operating System. Oh – and did we mention ? It’ll have Windows Media Player 9 too. For more pictures of the E200, click here.

Oh, and I’m getting the feeling that there’s “something else” coming.. I can feel it in my waters.. Another MS Smartphone? Stay tuned..