Motorola MPx200 on Orange

Motorola MPx200 on Orange Oh hello! What’s this over at ZDNet? Bugger me, it’s a preview of the first Motorola Orange MS Smartphone! Check it out! Apparently we have Smartphone 2002… wait.. yes, that’s right – Smartphone 2002 – NOT 2003. That’s good though, because it means that it’ll probably be out very soon – plus you get a tweaked MMS client, the ability to delete all emails and SMS messages at once (HURRA!) AND they’re chucking in IA Style’s Space Maker and a Task Manager. It comes with a 200MHz processor, plus 10Mb of the 32MB Flash ROM is available for the you to use – if that’s not enough then there’s a 16Mb SD card included in the deal. Oh, and the SD slot supports SDIO too.

No Bluetooth or built-in digital camera…yet. Although a SD-camera should appear later. Motorola are to make even more Smartphones too.

Other good news – this should be an ultra-efficient device, and Motorola reckon they can get up to 5 hours’ talktime and 5 days’ standby! Woo!!

Price is quoted as being £239.99, but packages may differ.

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UPDATE!!! – This story appears to have been pulled from! Oopps! Did ZDNet publish too early???