More bad news for 3G

More bad news for 3G Another embarrassing and unfortunate problem for 3G network “3”. Here in the UK they’re struggling to increase their userbase. Although new slimmer handsets are on the way for 3G networks, current subscribers are becoming annoyed at the big chunky handsets they currently have.

3 is currently offering incredibly cheap rates on mobile calls, mainly because their 3G network is completely empty. This is drawing in customers, but once they receive their hefty “brick-phones” with very small battery life and chunky keys, they soon change their minds.

It’s now reported that 3’s customers are actually removing the SIM cards from their 3G phones, and placing them in sleek modern 2G phones. How can they do this ? Well, it’s simple. At present the 3G network is absolutely pants. Signal strength can be strong one minute, then non-existant when you turn a corner. However – if the 3G signal does drop out then you can continue with voice-calls on the 2G network – supplied by BT Cellnet … whooops – sorry, o2.

So, because o2 carries 3’s calls (yes, lots of 2’s and 3’s in this news item!) in areas where 3G coverage is not working, then 3 has to pay O2 for every call its customers make. DOAH! Great for customers, very very bad for Hutchison Whampoa (who own 3). This is a massive blow for 3 in the UK – it’s continuing battle to get users has already taken many knock-backs.

The conclusion ? Users are telling the 3 and other networks that they want CHEAPER CALLS and that they’re NOT interested in VIDEOPHONES.

Source and more info – Revolution