XRally Alpha Version

XRally Alpha Version You’ve probably seen this elsewhere (I saw this one over at msmobiles.com) but I just wanted to mention it too.

This excellent little show-off game is brought to you by the same guy who did Thermo and many other excellent Smartphone utilities. Although just an Alpha test version, this smooth-scrolling 3D driving sim absolutely wipes the floor with any Java-based nonsense.

It’ll run on app-unlocked phones, and you need to unzip it, then copy the resulting folder to your Storage Card somewhere, then create a shortcut from the .exe and plonk that in IPSM/Windows/Start Menu/Games (do this by doing “Copy” on the exe file, then go to IPSM/Windows/Start Menu/Games and click “Paste Shortcut”)

Controls are shown when you load the game. This is an early alpha – so don’t expect full 3D (no tall trees flying past or other vehicles at present) but it is a really good sign of things to come!

Download from our downloads section or from the developers’ website. Keep up to date with development on the progress of this here.

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