PocketMusic – It kicks ass!

PocketMusic   It kicks ass! Damn – if only there was a free MP3 player for the Smartphone that had added functionality like Bass-boost, a Graphic Equalizer with some presets like “Dance” or “Pop” or even “Rock”… if only there was one out there that had bookmarks so I could store my favourite content easily, perhaps even with shuffle modes too ? Now that’d be good.

Well – don’t imagine it – don’t even think you have to pay for it! It’s free, it excellent and it’s yet another top bit of software from PocketMind.com! Sure, it needs an application-unlocked Smartphone – but who doesn’t have one of those??

We did find in testing that, once the graphic equalizer is turned on with bass-boost, the sound begins to distort quite a bit – and the CPU load goes through the roof, which brings the phone to a halt. However, this will probably work fine on lower bit-rate MP3 files.

Check it out and download it here or visit the PocketMind.com website for more excellent apps. 🙂

PocketMusic   It kicks ass!