We’re Jammin!

Were Jammin! Have you stopped in a hotel recently ? Were you annoyed that your mobile phone had no signal ?

Well, it may not be your networks’ fault. A dodgey Scottish business-man by the name of Ronnie McGuire is selling hi-tech phone jammers – which he’s bought in from Taiwan. These devices are illegal to use, but that doesn’t stop Ronnie, who sells to hotels, restaurants, bars and bed and breakfasts around Scotland.

These devices appear to be selling quite well too – as people stopping at the B&B’s or hotels are forced to use highly-expensive hotel phones instead of their mobiles. He is also targetting bars and pubs where locals are annoyed by ringing mobiles.

McGuire promotes the devices in glossy leaflets…

“Harassed by mobile phones or hotel phone system not being used?

“Then look no further. Purchase a mobile phone jammer for your hotel, restaurant and bar. Small and discrete.”

So next time you get “No Service” on your phone, see if the hotel you’re stopping in is using one!

Source and full story – The Daily Record